#CoverReveal – Men of Honor: Jake by @marteekakarland

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EXCERPT (Unedited)

God, something smelled wonderful. Linda inhaled deeply of something that smelled like fresh rain, forest, and warm man. Had there ever been a pillow as perfect as this? Its seemed to have the perfect amount of firmness to it, cradling her head but not letting her sink too deeply into it. She hugged it to her as she exhaled contentedly, snuggling closer.

Which was when she felt something pulse under her forearm where it curled over the top of her pillow. Startled, she opened her eyes…

To find herself draped over Jake. Not, like, cuddled into his side where she could have pretended he’d positioned her. Oh no. She was laying possessively over his abdomen, her arms clutching him to her as she might her own man if she had one. That she’d been the one to move in her sleep wasn’t in question. Jake lay exactly where he had when she’d climbed into bed. On his side of the big king size bed. She’d sought him out in her sleep. Sure, his hand was buried in her hair, but under the circumstances, she didn’t feel like she could say anything.

Linda knew she needed to move. If she were lucky, he was asleep and she could roll off him without making a scene and he never had to know. Except, his cock now pulsed insistently under her forearm. Could this be any more embarrassing? And the size of him! Surely she was misjudging what she was feeling. Gingerly, she raised her arm slightly to look. Nope. She hadn’t misjudged.

Before she knew what she was doing, a wicked thought stuck in her head and implanted like a parasite. She could satisfy her curiosity. All she had to do was ease the waistband of his pants over that mouthwatering erection and she could gaze to her heart’s content. Even if he was awake — as she suspected — he wouldn’t mind. She knew without a doubt he wouldn’t stop her.

As if in a trance, Linda watched as her hand slid down his hip to curl her fingers in the elastic. The backs of her trembling fingers brushed the flesh near his cock. Slowly, she tugged. A groan escaped Jake just as Linda whimpered.

Before she could reveal what she was sure would be the most beautiful cock she’d ever seen, Jake’s hand covered hers, stopping her even as he gave a deep, rumbling growl. When she tried to pull away, Jack held her hand fast.

“Don’t pull away from me.”

“I’m sorry,” she said, her voice shaking. “I shouldn’t have done that. ”

“In a different situation I’d not only have let you, I’d have encouraged you.” Jake stroked her hand with his thumb, his fingers alternately opening and closing in her hair.

“We should get up,” she said, rolling over. He let her until she was off him, then his arm snaked around her waist and Jake pulled her against him to spoon against her. She squirmed in a half hearted effort to get away, but he only wrapped both arms around her and settled her snugly against him.

God, his arms felt incredible! Her head was pillowed on one while it curled around her body to her shoulder. Wrapped up so tightly, she felt protected. Safe. Like as long as she lay like that, within Jake’s arms nothing could touch her. The feeling was more welcomed than Linda wanted to admit or could ever have imagined.

“We have an hour before we need to let up to meet Noah and Ty. Let me hold you until then.” He made the demand a request, even as his arms tightened around her. Linda snuggled into him with a sigh.


“Because you’re mine. I protect what’s mine.”

“I don’t need your protection. I can protect myself.”

“I know.”

Linda had no idea why his words warmed her inside or why she truly wanted to be his. All she knew was, this could never happen again. Shouldn’t be happening now. But, God, it felt good!

Vowing this would be the last time, she closed her eyes to enjoy the next hour before they planned the move to find her sister.

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