SPOTLIGHT: Cuffs & Kink

Good looking policeman


Ty: It was no secret I was a manwhore and enjoyed my fair share of women. More than one woman had tried to pin me down over the years, but no way was the noose of matrimony slipping around my neck. I was a fuck ‘em and leave ‘em kind of guy, and I liked my life just the way it was. Badge bunnies fell into my bed in droves, even the ones who liked to play innocent, but there was one type of woman I’d always avoided — virgins. Which makes things a little awkward when hot little Josie Wright, the reverend’s daughter, makes me harder than I’ve ever been before. Just one look at those slender legs and perky tits and all I can think about is being balls deep inside of her, but good girls like Josie don’t hang out with bad boys like me.

Josie: I’ve always had the perfect life — loving parents and a stable home life. Until now. When my father told me I was to marry Reverend Falks, a man thirty years my senior, in exchange for our church getting a new roof, I was sure he had to be kidding, but the good reverend has told me in no uncertain terms that he plans to keep me barefoot and pregnant, along with some other details that make my stomach queasy. I’ll do anything to avoid my fate, even if it means falling into Officer Ty Daniels’ bed. Except once I’m there, I don’t want to leave. He makes me feel things I’ve never experienced before, and for the first time in my life I’m realizing that maybe it’s good to be a little bad.

Warning: This story contains one dirty talking hunky police officer, a sweet and innocent reverend’s daughter, and lots of steamy sex. Being bad has never been so good.


“I want this, Ty. I want you,” I told him, and I meant every word. I’d never been tempted before now, but standing here in his house with him so near, I knew without a doubt that I wanted him to be the one to claim my virginity.

Ty swung me into his arms and carried me down the hall to the bedroom. He kicked open the door and set me on the edge of the bed as he made quick work of shedding his uniform. I watched, hungry and yearning for things I’d only ever read about, as each item of clothing hit the floor. My mouth ran dry at the sight of his impressive cock, hard and ready. I had nothing to compare him to, but he seemed rather large, and I wondered if he was going to fit. Compared to his height of six foot three, I was rather small at barely five feet tall. Our size difference hadn’t mattered to me, but the monster that seemed eager to get inside of me did worry me a bit.

“I won’t lie,” Ty said. “I’ve heard it hurts the first time, and I’m not exactly small. Not as huge as some, but I have a good eight inches here that I’m hoping will make you scream in pleasure.”

“Just… go slow.”

He nodded.

I stood and awkwardly stripped out of my clothes, my cheeks burning. No one had ever seen me naked before except my mother and my doctor. I wasn’t exactly blessed when it came to boobs, but I hoped what I had was adequate. As hard as he was, he didn’t seem to mind my smaller curves. I’d seen the women he usually dated — not that this was a date — and they looked like goddesses with curves that Aphrodite would envy.

“Have you ever touched yourself?” he asked.

My cheeks flamed hotter, and I shook my head. I’d thought about it, plenty of times, but our walls at home were thin and I’d worried about making any noises my parents might hear.

“I’m going to touch you, Josie, and I want you to tell me if you don’t like something. Okay? I want you to enjoy this as much as you can. If something doesn’t feel right or hurts, you speak up.”


Ty came closer, his hands cupping my shoulders and sliding down my arms. Goosebumps rose along my skin from his touch. He knelt in front of me, putting him at eye level with me. His hands came up my sides, skimming over my ribs, to cup my breasts. They were barely a handful, but the look in his eyes said he didn’t mind. If anything he seemed to like exploring my body, and I couldn’t wait for him to do more.



Short. Erotic. Sweet.

Harley’s other half would probably say those words describe her, but they also describe her books. When Harley is writing, her motto is the hotter the better. Off the charts sex, commanding men, and the women who can’t deny them. If you want men who talk dirty, are sexy as hell, and take what they want, then you’ve come to the right place.

When Harley isn’t writing, she’s thinking up naughty things to do to her husband, drinking copious amounts of Starbucks, and reading. She loves to read and devours a book a day, sometimes more.

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