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Captured on Earth, Sorcha, Enid and Susan are taken to a planet in another galaxy for the sole purpose of pleasing the Vaaden warriors. The women are unsure of their future and fearful of what’s to come. Slaves, bound to owners who crave them for the pleasure they can bring, the women despair of ever finding happiness again. But then the unthinkable happens. Sorcha falls for her owner’s brother; Enid, despite her fears, falls for the man who claims her; Susan finds herself drawn to two men, but in the end, only one will claim her heart.

Three women. Three destinies. Will the Fates bring them love, despite their circumstances?




I started to get out of the bed, but remembered I didn’t have clothes on. A furious blush stole across my cheeks and I turned my head away.

Thale chuckled. “You don’t have to hide from Valen.”

Reaching for the covers, he pulled them back and brought me to my feet. As if displaying a naked woman in his house was an everyday occurrence, he proceeded to make the introductions. “Valen, this is the slave woman I picked up today.” He frowned at me. “What’s your name?”

I nearly strangled on a laugh. The man had slept with me, taken my virginity, yet he had no idea who I was. It was priceless. “Sorcha.”

He nodded. “Valen, this is Sorcha.”

Valen’s cool gaze raked over me before returning to his brother. “A slave? Was that really necessary?”

“As if my wife would be enough to take care of my needs,” he snorted.

Wait a minute. Wife? My eyes grew huge. It hadn’t crossed my mind that my owner would be married. It made me feel wretched, knowing I had slept with another woman’s spouse. I knew things were different here, but it was difficult to absorb.

Valen’s gaze returned to me, thoughtful. “You didn’t tell her you were married, did you?”

Thale shrugged. “What does it matter?”

Valen nodded toward me. “She seems surprised and not the least bit happy about it.”

Thale looked at me with a frown. He studied me a moment, then turned back to his brother. “Why should I care if she’s happy about my wife? She’s a slave.”

Valen sighed and stepped closer, his finger stroking gently down my cheek. “It seems my brother still sees women as property.” He gave me an apologetic smile.

Thale gave a bark of laughter. “She is property, you idiot. She’s a slave.”

“She’s a woman,” Valen argued.

I shivered, both from the cold and the thought of these two arguing over me. No good would come of it, of that, I was certain. But how would I stop them? Thale was correct. Whether I liked it or not, I was his property. No amount of screaming or fighting him would change that. I had no rights, and no reason to be upset about his marriage. It didn’t stop me from feeling that way, but I couldn’t very well voice my opinion.

Valen noticed my chilled skin and pulled the blanket from the bed. Draping it around me, he gave me a kind, understanding look.

Thale watched us closely before narrowing his eyes at his brother. “Don’t you have somewhere to be right about now? Aren’t you paying court to Maia?”

Valen grimaced. “Only at your urging. Honestly, I can’t stand the woman.”

“You know you need to marry soon.”

“Yes, but I will choose my own wife. I’ll go have dinner with her and her family tonight, but it will be the last time.”

“I don’t understand you, Valen. Maia is beautiful and would be a wonderful wife and mother to your children.”

“I want something more. I don’t expect you to understand, how could you? Your wife is the ice princess Staisha, both feared and loved throughout Vaaden.”

“My wife may be a bit cool to most, but at least she’s a proper wife.”

“So when is your proper wife going to make me an uncle? You won’t have legitimate children by bedding your slave.”

Thale cursed at him before grabbing his arm and dragging him to the door. “I’ll thank you to mind your own damn business.”

Valen grinned at me and gave me a half bow. “It was delightful to meet you, Sorcha. Perhaps we’ll meet again soon.”


Vaaden Captives (Collection)

by Jessica Coulter Smith

Cover art: Bryan Keller

BIN: 06794-02187
Genre(s): FuturisticScience FictionErotic Romance
Series: Vaaden Captives (#4)
Length: Collection
Page Count: 178