Aires – a Demon Guardians story

Aires cover

The 4th and final book in the Demon Guardians series is here — or almost here. Aires releases December 19th with Changeling Press!

What happens when two hot-blooded, sexy as sin demons want your body, mind and soul and aren’t into sharing?  

The unbearable heat of hell won’t be the only singe Della feels. Aires wants her like no other, and once he has a taste he’ll want to go back for more. There’s just one problem. She’s his charge, and as her guardian he’s meant to protect her, not lust after her. When another demon shows interest in Della, it’s all Aires can do to control his jealous rage. Sweet Della is meant to be his and no one else’s.


Smoothing back her chestnut hair, I savored the feel of her against me. I wanted her, fiercely, but I was just as content to hold her. Della, however, had other ideas.

Curling her fingers in my hair, she pulled my head down and placed her lips against mine. The pressure was slight, a barely there kiss, but it was enough to ignite my hunger for her, making me ravenous to feel more of her. I licked at her bottom lip, and when she opened, I plundered her mouth, deepening the kiss. She tasted salty-sweet, and I knew she’d been eating pretzels and drinking her favorite soda, something she did often. Her hand tugged on my hair as she tried to get closer to me, and I tightened my arm around her waist. Kissing Della was every bit as wonderful as I’d remembered and I didn’t want to stop, but one of us needed to act rationally. If I didn’t stop now, she’d end up naked, bent over the arm of the sofa while I pounded into her sweet heat from behind.

I hadn’t thought it possible, but my cock grew even harder, straining against the zipper of my pants. Pulling back, reluctantly, I looked down into her upturned face. Her eyes were still closed, her lips plump from my kiss. Her eyes fluttered open and the passion blazing in their depths nearly took me to my knees. It seemed that delicious Della wanted me as much as I wanted her. Part of me wanted to throw her over my shoulder, run away with her, and bring her pleasure unlike any she’d ever known before, all night long. The part of my brain that was thinking clearly said it was best to take things slow and see where things went. Because deep down, I knew that one time would never be enough, not with her.

Her hand slid down my neck, then down my chest, coming to rest at the waistband of my pants. It would be oh-so-easy for her pop that button free and slide my zipper down, reach inside and see just what she did to me. I knew her sexual experience was limited and doubted she’d be so bold, but I could hope. Just one touch and I’d go up in flames. One touch is all it would take for her to claim me for her own. That thought shook a bit of sense into me, and I took a step back. She looked hurt by my retreat, but it was better this way.

“You aren’t safe here,” I told her. “Not by yourself.”

“If you’re my guardian, then you know I don’t have any family nearby. It isn’t like I can go stay with my sister. She’s all the way across the country in Atlanta.”

She was right. She had no family in sunny Southern California and very few friends. Surely one of them would put her up, though, at least long enough for me to sort out this problem. I just needed a game plan. It seemed the only way to send the Surack packing was to claim Della as mine, but I knew that it would the biggest step I’d ever taken, something that would change my life forever. And forever for a demon was a really long time.

“What about your friends?”

“Richard is currently seeing someone, and while I doubt Troy would mind me staying with them, it would just be awkward. They’re still in the first stage of romance, where you can’t keep your hands off one another. Melanie is expecting and dealing with her deadbeat boyfriend, who won’t take responsibility for the child or make an honest woman of her. Personally, I think she’s better off without him, but she’s a basket case.”

I tipped my head back and studied the ceiling, as if seeking answers where there were none. The weight of my decision settled on my shoulders as I realized what I had to do. It would be the hardest thing ever. Well, technically, at the moment, my cock was the hardest thing ever, but that was a complication I’d have to learn to deal with in the upcoming days.

“Pack a bag,” I told her.

“I just told you I had nowhere to go.”

“You’re coming home with me.”