10 Things About Me

If you’re on Facebook, then you’ve probably noticed those statuses of people posting X number of things people don’t know about them. Well, it made me think… why should only my Facebook friends get that little peek into my life? I’m sure I have followers who aren’t on Facebook, or don’t follow me there. Not that I’m saying I’m the most fascinating person on the planet or anything.

So here goes…

1. I’ve been writing romance/erotic romance novels and novellas since 2008 and have published over 40 stories.

2. I do not plot. Ever. I open my Word doc and begin to write, and whatever pours out of me is what I accomplish for the day. And when I stop, I have no clue where I’m going with the story until I sit down to write again the next day.

3. I’m the crazy cat lady. It wasn’t intentional, it just sort of happened. We started with one, the adopted three more. And it snowballed from there.

4. I burn incense just about all the time, and my favorite scent is Dragon’s Blood. What I will never burn, is anything vanilla. Can’t stand the smell.

5. I love holiday movies. Doesn’t matter how early they start showing them, as soon as I see them on the Hallmark channel, I start watching them.

6. I hate cooking, with a passion. As far as I’m concerned, the kitchen is the place where drinks and snacks are stored. If anyone expects anything else to come out of there, they’re being really optimistic. 

7. I’ve been married for 13 years and have two children. My house is only quiet from the time the kids go to bed until my husband gets home from work, then the TV comes back on and conversation resumes. 

8. I love to read. Even when I’m on a deadline, I still make time to read (mostly romance).

9. I learned to play the piano, harp, and mountain dulcimer before I was 20 – none of which I’ve played in the last 7 or 8 years.

10. I’m 2 courses shy of a Psychology minor. I’m armed with just enough info to make me dangerous. It does help with character development though!