Serenity’s Wish, Tales of Moonspell 3 (X-Rated)




Julian looked around. The gazebo was wood from top to bottom, benches too. There wasn’t a single soft surface to lay her down, and he refused to take her on the rough wooden floor like some animal. Looking out into the shaded lawn, he had an idea.

He lifted her into his arms and stepped out of the shelter of the structure. He was taking a bigger risk on getting burned, but being with Serenity was worth it. Laying her down on the soft grass and fallen petals from the azalea bushes, he covered her body with his.

Devouring her mouth once more, he slid his hand under the edge of her dress, caressing her thigh. She opened her legs, cradling him between them. It was right where he wanted to be, but with fewer clothes. Leaving a trail of kisses down her throat and chest, he stopped to kiss the top of each breast.

“Julian, I want to see you.”

“You will, but I’m playing right now.”

“No, now!”

He chuckled. “Very well, darling.”

Julian stood and pulled his shirt over his head. He let it fall to the ground before he reached for the button and zipper on his jeans. They were barely unfastened before Serenity was on her knees, shoving the denims down his legs. In hopes he’d get to make love to her, he’d forgone underwear and his cock sprang forward, hard and ready.

He watched as she licked her lips, and with her gaze on his, she leaned forward and licked the moisture off the tip of his cock. His eyes widened in surprise and then closed in ecstasy as she eased her lips around his width, her hot mouth sliding down the length of him. Bumping against the back of her throat, he started to withdraw, but she grabbed his ass and held him to her. As she sucked and licked him, he groaned, wondering if it were possible to die from too much pleasure. He knew she’d never done anything like this before — she’d been far too inexperienced their first night together — but she was absolutely perfect at it.

Julian felt himself getting close to orgasm and hastily pulled her to her feet. She looked disappointed and licked her lips, making him want her even more. Working quickly, he divested her of her clothes, barely taking notice of her sexy undergarments. Once he had her naked and at his mercy, he fell to his knees before her and buried his face in her pussy.

Already she was wet and ready for him. He lapped up her cream and teased her clit with his tongue. She gasped with the first swipe and moaned when he flicked his tongue over it again. She tasted so good he didn’t think he’d ever get enough of her. As he pleasured her with his mouth, he felt her begin to tremble and knew she was close.

“Julian, please. I want you to be inside me when I come.”

With a growl, he pulled her to the ground and flipped her onto her stomach. Lifting her onto her knees, he trailed kisses down her spine. He covered her body with his and nipped at her ear. Positioning his cock at her slick opening, he pushed inside her, feeling her stretch around him. She was so fucking tight!

He moved slowly at first, giving her time to adjust to his size, not wanting to hurt her for anything. But then she began pushing back against him, meeting each of his thrusts. Julian wrapped an arm around her waist and plunged into her faster and harder, wanting to lose himself in her. He felt her body tensing and knew she was about to come. Without asking permission, he bit her neck, drinking from her, triggering both of their orgasms.

Spent, he rolled to his side, taking her with him. He kissed her shoulder and held her close. The only things that could have made the moment better would’ve been a bed, guaranteed privacy, and the knowledge she was his for now and always. But until that could happen, he would take what she could give him. Just knowing she loved him would have to be enough. It was certainly more than he’d ever dared hope for, more than he deserved. He’d decided long ago that he was destined to live a solitary life. And then Serenity had breezed into his life, a breath of fresh air, making his dead heart come to life again.



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