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Robins, the mysterious butler who works at the Chancellor mansion, appears briefly throughout the Whisper series. Although he keeps a low profile, like most in his line of work, he knows many secrets. He also has some recommendations for tourists visiting Whisper.

It’s Robins’ evening off, but he’s happy to answer a few questions about the unusual town where he resides.

1. The town of Whisper is home to a wide variety of magical beings. What is your species?

Robins: I’m half-Ghoul and half-Troll. I don’t look all that different from humans, but my eating habits are quite dissimilar.

2. What do you like best about living in Whisper?

Robins: I like the acceptance and I like being judged by who I am instead of who others think I am.

3. What places of interest in Whisper do you recommend to tourists?

Robins: I’ve always enjoyed spending free time at the Whispering Wolf Library. They often have interesting art exhibits and have a fascinating collection of occult books and volumes on the history of Whisper. To read these, you must have special clearance, however. Most residents have access to the collection.

While I’m not into the club scene, I have occasionally stopped at Dragon’s Bar. It has a very relaxed atmosphere and the owner and bartender, Cal Smith, does business with a Troll brewery, so the beer is excellent. I’ve heard the food is good as well, but it’s a bit fresh for my taste, however most humans enjoy it.

For those who enjoy wildlife, be sure to visit the wolf sanctuary run by the Pritchard family. They’re our local werewolf pack. We also have a lovely beach as well as hiking trails.

If you’re looking for souvenirs, we have some lovely shops in the town square. The Sword and Dagger Antique shop, owned by Edmond Chancellor, specializes in antique weapons, in particular swords.

For accommodations, be sure to stay at the Crawford Inn. It has quite a history and the owner, Marka Crawford, is almost always happy to chat.

4. Speaking of Edmond Chancellor, he’s your employer and the leader of the Original Town Council. What is the council and how long have you worked for Mr. Chancellor?

Robins: Although we have a mayor and other town officials, the Original Town Council is a secret organization that truly runs the town. It’s made up of the four men who founded Whisper in 1650 and a descendant of the witch who founded it with them. I worked for Mr. Chancellor’s family before he was born and I will tell you that he is very different from most of his relatives. He is a man of courage, honor and compassion. When I met him, I was a servant in the dungeon of his cousin’s house. If not for Mr. Chancellor, I would probably still be there and that’s not something I want to think about. That was nearly a thousand years ago.

5. It appears you’re very loyal to Edmond Chancellor. Does your relationship go deeper than butler and employer?

Robins: I am loyal to him not merely because he is my employer. I respect Mr. Chancellor greatly.

6. What can you tell us about Tobias Crawford?

Robins: Mr. Crawford is a member of the Original Town Council and a good friend of Mr. Chancellor. He is a cat shifter descended from an ancient line in Egypt.

7. If Tobias and Edmond were to make their union permanent, how would you feel about the cat shifter becoming part of the household at Edmond Chancellor’s mansion?

Robins: I will be as pleased to serve Mr. Crawford as I am pleased to serve Mr. Chancellor. He already visits the mansion often and is a considerate guest and a good man.

It’s getting late and something tells me it’s not a wise idea to keep a half-Ghoul half-Troll from his dinner. I hope you’ve enjoyed the interview with Robins. If you’d like to learn more about his employer and Tobias Crawford, here’s an excerpt from their story.

Thank you!

Whisper 4: Black Cat

by Kate Hill

(M/M Vampire/Shapeshifter)

From Changeling Press

Vampire Edmond Chancellor and cat shifter Tobias Crawford have had a not-so-secret affair for over three hundred years. Edmond wants to bond with Tobias permanently, but Tobias has reasons for keeping his distance.

On a chilly December night, both men turn to past memories for guidance, but it’s a present danger that makes them realize that time is precious, even to men who are practically immortal.

The following excerpt from Black Cat is for readers 18 and over.

Every year since Whisper was founded, the Original Town Council had a party with family and friends. It was held at Edmond’s colonial mansion that overlooked the town from Chancellor Hill.

In the early days, the house wasn’t quite so imposing, but Edmond had expanded it and the place was now one of the largest private homes in New England.

The town itself had been Edmond’s idea–a sanctuary for the supernatural, founded by the supernatural. Here any magical person who wanted to live in harmony, without violence or prejudice, was welcome. Of course residents of Whisper took up arms when necessary, but their main goal was to create a safe haven for those in search of peace.

“Then let’s talk.” Edmond sprawled on his back and stretched. The muscles in his compact body tensed, then relaxed as he closed his eyes halfway and released a long, slow breath.

From the moment they’d met, Tobias had been captivated by him. Like most beings, supernatural or not, he’d learned to be wary of vampires, yet unlike most, he’d never been susceptible to their dangerous charms–until he’d met Edmond.

“Sorry, but I’m out of time.” Tobias rose and pulled on his clothes.

Edmond’s eyes opened fully and he raised himself on his elbows. “But you came here to talk about the party.”

“Yes. And instead we wasted time in bed.”

“Wasted? Since when is making love a waste of time?”

“Since I have somewhere to be. Let Robins plan the party. He always does most of it anyway.”

Robins, Edmond’s butler, had been with him for nearly a thousand years.

“Tobias, I’ll drop the subject of commitment, if that’s what you want, even though I don’t understand your aversion to it. As you said, we’ve been together for over three centuries.”

“Maybe you’ll drop it for now, but you’ll bring it up again. You always do.” Tobias stood in front of the mirror over Edmond’s dresser and quickly ran a brush through his glossy sable hair. He saw Edmond’s reflection in the mirror, watching him with a look of frustration on his angular face.

“I’m a man of conviction. I know what I want.” Edmond sat up and swung his legs over the edge of the bed. Though not a tall man, he had an athletic build and moved with almost catlike grace that Tobias found incredibly sexy. He paused close to Tobias and cupped the back of his head, entangling his fingers in his freshly-combed hair, he spoke against his lips, “I’ve always wanted you, Tobias. I want to spend my life with you.”

“That could be a very long time for us,” Tobias replied, somehow keeping his voice steady.

“I certainly hope so.” Edmond covered Tobias’ mouth in a possessive kiss that sent Tobias’ heart pounding.

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About Kate Hill

Always a fan of romance and the paranormal, Kate Hill started writing over twenty years ago for pleasure. Her first story, a short erotic vampire tale, was accepted for publication in 1996. Since then she has sold over one hundred short stories, novellas and novels.

When she’s not working on her books, Kate enjoys reading, working out and spending time with her family and pets.

She enjoys hearing from readers and she can be contacted at Visit her online at


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