Love Bites

While most people have e-readers these days, there are those who just prefer the feel of a book in their hands. Perhaps it’s the smell of the ink, or the feel of the pages as they turn them, or maybe they just like seeing the book sit on their shelf. Whatever the reason, it means they miss out on a lot of books, those available only in e-book format.

Many of my new titles are have only been released as e-books, mostly because they’re just too short to be a full-length novel. So as I was pondering how to resolve this issue, I came up with the idea of a vampire anthology. Love Bites is coming to paperback August 15, 2012. Heat level – Scorching!

What will you find in Love Bites?

Eternally Mine – A woman fleeing her boyfriend finds a cabin in the moutains, but the man who rescues her is more than just a man.

Night’s Embrace – Annabel has given up on life, but a tall, dark and tempting stranger gives her the courage to go on living.

Creole Nights – Living on the streets of New Orleans, Adelaide is rescued by the kindest man she’s ever met… except he isn’t really a man – not anymore.