Lucian D’Angel and Angel’s Fire, Demon’s Blood

Today I have Lucien D’Angel joining me, from Angel’s Fire, Demon’s Blood by Tamela Quijas. Thank you for joining me, Lucien!

Thank you for having me at your site.  I am, if I may admit, feeling more alive than I ever have during my existence. Lately, I have been  cross examining various emails from fans of my television show Those Among Us and contemplating new paranormal research locations.

How do you feel about your story being published for all to read?

A bit disconcerted.  I have always kept my life as private as possible.  To have my past revealed to the curious eyes of the public is a situation to which I am not comfortable.

Did you read it? What did you think, did the author do a good job capturing your story?

Yes, I have read Angel’s Fire, Demon’s Blood.   My life is complicated and borders on the surreal but I do feel that the author did take the time to capture the essence of my life.

Wonderful.  Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am a best selling author of two paranormal books, both which had made the best seller lists.  I am, also, the leader of the paranormal investigation group Those Among Us.  The program does have a large fan base and is nationally televised.

What do you think about Evangeline Keegan, is there anything you can tell us about her? 

Evangeline is brilliant.  She is the top investigative reporter for a television news station in New York.  I have known her for years and must admit that she is my angel.  In fact, for lack of a better word, she is my eternal salvation. 

Well, how did you two meet?

(laugh) Long ago, when I had felt my world was a barren wasteland of darkness.

Well, thank you for joining me today, Lucien. I’m glad I had the opportunity to speak with you. I know you must be busy, but before you leave, is there anything else you’d like to say?

 What would I ask your readers?  Do they know the dark side of the world, the plane that exists just beyond the human eye?  Do they ever wonder about that cold chill that brushes across their flesh during the hottest hours of the day?  Do they wonder why the name of some long lost suddenly comes to mind? Do they know of the evil and the good that walks among them?


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