The Demon’s Princess

A New Paranormal series will take flight this fall!

My upcoming YA (young adult), The Demon’s Princess, is the first in a four part series (under the author name Jessie Colter).  It will be released this October by Wild Horse Press in e-book format and in trade paperback format in November, available at a retailer near you.

About the Book –

Trapped in what she at first deems a nightmare, Lucinda Hayworth finds herself living day to day life in Atlanta, in a distant cousin’s body – in 1896. Deciding to blend in while she tries to find a way back to her time, she goes through life as Lucinda Caden… a wealthy debutante. At a ball, she meets Alexander, a prince visiting from a small unknown kingdom in the Atlantic. While Lucinda Caden may be from an influential family, she doesn’t feel worthy of Alex’s attention – especially knowing that she’s really just a modern girl of middle class status trapped in another time.

Alexander Astarot is precisely what his name implies — the son of a demon. Not just any demon, but the Prince of Demons. While he may be known as Prince Alexander Asterot, no one knows where his home truly lies. His father rules part of the underworld, but Alex rules the small island of Carpus, a gateway between earth and hell. His dark looks appeal to most young women, but there is only one who draws his attention — Lucinda. Or so she thinks…

When Lucinda discovers Alex is more than what he says, she still wants to be with him. Her parents, however, have other ideas. Shoving her in the direction of a long-term family friend, Jonathan, they forbid her from seeing the prince. In an attempt to escape the unwanted attentions of Jonathan Statton, she meets the Earl of Leamont, Benton Richards. While she will always love Alex, Lucinda must decide if she will wait for him forever, or if she will give herself a chance at happiness with someone else.

Circumstances will force Lucinda to choose – the demon prince who holds her heart, or the man who treats her like a princess.

Demons, werewolves, time travel, and a love triangle make this a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat, waiting to see what happens next!

Excerpt –

“Miss Caden, I’m afraid we haven’t been properly introduced, but I was hoping you might take a turn with me,” he nodded toward the dance floor.

“Oh, but the song…”

“Has already started, yes, but I find that I’m intrigued to see how well you dance.”

His soft, clipped tones sounded faintly English and I found I couldn’t tell him no. Perhaps dancing would take my mind off Alexander, distracting me from my morose thoughts for at least a little while. If nothing else, it would save me from being a wallflower and feeling sorry for myself.

Slipping my gloved hand into his, I allowed him to escort me out onto the floor.  As his hand settled at my waist and his other gently gripped my fingers, he twirled me in time with the music.

“I’m afraid I’m not a good dancer,” I admitted.

He smiled again, his eyes dancing with blue fire. “I beg to disagree.  You’re light on your feet and easy to lead.”

I smiled my thanks.  I was feeling a little better already.

“You mentioned we hadn’t been introduced and yet you know who I am.”

“I made it my business to know.  Anyone who has the attention of Alexander Asterot has my full attention as well.”

His words puzzled me.  Was that his only reason for dancing with me?  And how did he know Alexander?

“I’m afraid I don’t understand. Do you know the prince?”

“You could say that.  We met once long ago.”

I smiled up at him. “It couldn’t have been that long ago.  You may be older than I am, but I’d wager not by much.”

“In human years, I am twenty-three.”

I lifted a brow. “And in non-human years?”

He chuckled. “I’m much, much older.”

I sighed and gave myself up to the dance, not speaking again until it ended. It seemed I’d attracted yet another otherworldly male. When the music ended, he bowed over my hand and I curtsied.

“Thank you for the dance, Mr…”

“Benton.  Lord Benton Richards, the Earl of Leamont.”

“First a prince and now an earl,” I muttered, knowing I was being rude, yet unable to stop myself. My mouth was running away from me, a sure sign I was comfortable with him.  That probably should have worried me.

He laughed and escorted me off the dance floor. “You are certainly refreshing.  And if you know anything about Alexander, then you do well with the unusual.”

“Yes, I know who and what he is.”

Benton nodded. “I figured as much.  It’s obvious to see he cares about you, which means you’ve met his father.”

I stared at him in open-mouthed shock.  How did he know I’d met Alexander’s father? I hadn’t told a soul about my trip to hell, for fear they would think I was crazy and would haul me off to an asylum.

His lips quirked. “I’ve known Alexander for about fifty years.  Anytime he becomes interested in a potential bride, his father interferes.”

“Fifty years? Are you…”

He shook his head. “No, I’m something different.  Unlike Alexander I won’t live forever, just longer than most.”

“In your position, isn’t that difficult to hide?”

“Thankfully my father lived to the ripe old age of one hundred and fifty.  I didn’t become the earl until recently.”

I looked at my surroundings in surprise.  Somehow, he had managed to whisk me out of the ballroom, onto the balcony, and down into the garden. It was disconcerting to say the least.

“Why did you ask me to dance?” I asked bravely.

He boldly caressed my cheek. “Because you fascinate me, and not just because of Alexander, although that does add to the intrigue.  You’re beautiful, graceful, and refreshingly honest.”

I blushed. “I’m not beautiful,” I muttered. What was it with these men?  It’s not like the other debutantes were ugly.  In fact, several were far more beautiful than I was.

“Yes, you are.”

Firmly, he gripped the back of my head and lowered his lips to mine.  I stifled a gasp as his tongue swept into my mouth.  The audacity of him irked me, but he tasted spicy and sweet at the same time, and it would be dishonest to say his kisses did not move me.  I knew I shouldn’t be, and I knew that kissing three men in such a short time made me the worst sort of young lady.  Then again, Benton hadn’t exactly asked permission or given me any warning.  He was simply taking what he wanted.