Interview with Author J. L. Oiler

JCS: Thank you for joining me today!  I know you have a busy schedule.

J.L. OilerWell Thanks for having me.

JCS: If you had to pick one reason why you write, what would it be?

J.L. Oiler: Writing is sort of my escape from the world.  It allows me to be anyone, anywhere, with the only limitations being my own imagination.

JCS: When you’re writing, is there anything you do out of habit (listen to music, sit in a particular spot, etc)?

J.L. Oiler: I have this old beat-up recliner that I like to curl up in with my laptop and write, usually late in the evening or night.  As far as listening to music, it actually depends what scene I am working on.  If it is a fight or something that needs a lot of energy, I like the adrenaline that a nice hard rock tune has.  Just seems to get my imagination kick started.   

JCS: If there was anything you could say to potential writers out there, what would it be?

J.L. Oiler: Don’t be discouraged if others don’t view your story with as much enthusiasm as you do.  There are so many different likes/dislikes out there that it is impossible to create something that everyone will immediately fall in love with.  Just be true to yourself and your style.  What one person hates may be exactly what sells to someone else.  

JCS: What was the first story you had published?  What is your current work in progress?

J.L. Oiler: My first story to get published is Blood Dance.  It is part of my Seeds of Oden Series.  As for work in progress I have two that are currently in the mix.  The third in my series which is currently titled Blood Denial, and an untitled piece. 

JCS: When you were selecting a publisher, what were you looking for? Would you do anything differently?

J.L. Oiler: There are a lot of publisher out there now and I scouted around reading the mission statements and looking at their sites, authors, and promotions.  What I was looking for was someone I could be myself with and who was not afraid to get a little mud on their hands.   I think Wild Horse Press was a perfect fit.  They encourage me to be exactly who I am and help empower me to be the best author I can be without being condescending or indifferent.  

JCS: Can you tell us a little about your latest release or upcoming release?  When will it be available?  Where can people purchase it?

J.L. Oiler: This is actually a busy year for me, I have three releases scheduled for this year with Blood Dance being the first on January 26th (wow that is now).  It is available from all the vendors that carry Wild Horse Press, including All Romance e-books, Coffee Time Romance, and 1romance e-books.

JCS: Would you like to share an excerpt from one of your stories?

J.L. Oiler: Sure, here is little excerpt from Blood Dance:
“What is going on?” Cere asked Loki as they both peered around the wall leading into the small kitchen, then ducked back just as a large serving plate burst into a million pieces against the wall. 

“Suckers attacked Ares and Andrea.  Turns out that Andreas boyfriend was one of them.”  Loki began to explain as another crash sounded nearby and a few stray pieces of glass slid out into the hallway.  “Andrea is dead, and from what I understand the bastards shot Ares up pretty good.”  

“Is she alright, shouldn’t we be in there trying to heal her?” Cere asked, the concern for her sibling obvious in her worried expression, as she absently stroked Cerberus, their pet cat, who had come to see what all the commotion was about.

“I think that’s part of the problem,” the freckle faced red head said as she chanced a peek around the corner.  “Kaden showed up and killed off all the suckers and gave her his blood.” 

The small kitchen was silent for a moment until a flood of obscenities and the sounds of silverware striking the wall filled the air once again.  “Oh.” The small blond smiled, “So she is bloodmated.” 

When she finally ran out of things to throw in her tantrum, Ares collapsed in the only chair left upright.  Her entire body shook in rage as she put her face in her hands and attempted to regain some thread of self control.  She could still taste him on her lips, and it only added to her torment. How could she have allowed this to happen?  Her own arrogance in her ability to protect herself and Andrea had now left her bound by blood to the large Nicaea male that had been stocking her.   

Cerberus arched his back and rubbed against her leg, demanding her attention.  Picking him up Ares dropped him into her lap and rubbed behind his small ears until he began to purr loudly.  

How could this have happened to her?  This was the last thing she had expected or wanted.  Yes sure, he was sexy as hell and just being near him made her panties wet, but he was also domineering and arrogant.  Anyways she still had things that she had to do, she had made a blood pledge to find and reunite her sisters, a task she had truly only begun.  No, she could not accept this there had to be a way out of this.

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