Exciting news!!

My 2nd review for We Write Romance was just accepted and will be posted to their site during their next web update. 🙂  I’ve had a lot of fun reviewing books that I’ve read recently and it’s exciting to have it posted somewhere.

Satin and Lace Reviews has also accepted a few reviews from me and has posted them to their site this month… I hope to work with them more in the near future.

My other exciting news is that I’ve been accepted by LASR to do reviews for their romance and erotic romance groups.  I haven’t finished the “paperwork” aspect, but hope to start doing reviews for them by this weekend.

So if you’re an author needing a review, and with a publisher other than Wild Horse Press or Hearts on Fire Books, feel free to contact me about a review.  LASR and We Write Romance aren’t picky about whether the book is submitted through them prior to being reviewed… so if you have a new release, drop me a line!


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