Review: Seduced

Title:  Seduced
Author: Jennifer Beckham
Publisher: Hearts on Fire Books


Sir Damien Lockett had the world at his feet. He came from a good family and had the kind of charm that all of the ladies fell for, all but one.  His pursuit of Rosalie would be his downfall.  Little did he know there was more to the lady than met the eye – she was a creature of the night, feeding of f the blood of others.  Rosalie calls Damien to her house one night.  Chaining him to her bed, she feeds off of him, turning him.  When he awakens no longer human, but a hunter, a predator of the night, he’s confused and wishes that Rosalie had simply let him die.

Present day… Damien has led a destructive, murderous life.  He’s incapable of feeling, of loving.  Then he runs across a human, Aleana, who stirs something awake within him.  He watches her, frozen in place whenever she’s near, unable to understand what it is about this mere human that incapacitates him each and every time. It’s both mesmerizing and frightening, the effect she has on him.  He needs her, wants her as he has never wanted a woman before, but also fears her power over him.  He still has a need, a desire for the beautiful Rosalie, but it’s different from what feelings the human unearths in him.

Aleana and Damien both have relationships that don’t end well.  When Aleana’s boyfriend leaves her, she feels alone, hurt, and broken.  Being with Damien, she starts to heal a little bit at a time.  She thinks she’s falling in love with him, but one day she discovers what Damien truly is – a creature of the night, a vampire.  Once she comes to grips with that fact, she realizes that regardless of what or who he is, he’s the man she loves and she can’t live without him.

While Damian has dark thoughts and actions (vampire – duh!), it’s easy to fall in love with him and cheer him on in his quest to make Aleana fall in love with him.  The story is well written and the author’s descriptions bring the characters to life.  Ms. Beckham created a unique story, which is a difficult task in a time when vampires run rampant amongst the bookshelves. 

Rating: 4.5/5 

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