Author Interview with Donna Crocker

Romance author Donna Crocker agreed to interview with me this week.  This talented woman has written countless tales, several of which have already been published.  Her heart-warming stories will leave you wanting to read more of her books.

To date, Ms. Crocker’s titles include:  Wishes Come True, Silence in the Hills, Shadows in the Dark, Love Stories (co-written with Melissa Miller), and A Lost Love.

How long have you been writing? How many novels do you have published? 
I’ve been writing for about six years. I have 5 books either published now or coming soon with Hearts on Fire Books and Wild Horse Press. 
Have personal events in your life had any impact on your writing or books?
When my mother died of a massive heart attack, I became very depressed from the loss. My days became lonely without her. To stay busy and not think about it as much, I started writing. The writing was able to pull me out of the dark hole I was sliding into. I enjoy writing and I use it as an escape.
When did you first have an interest in writing?
I think I was always interested in writing. I remember before I could write I use to scribble in between the lines of the reader’s digest and pretend it was my book. I think I way maybe six or seven at the time.
Do you have any advice for aspiring authors out there?
Never give up and always follow your dreams.
Anything else you’d like to tell your readers?
I never get tired of writing. There is always a story somewhere.

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