Good News Today!

I was checking on my titles listed with Amazon Kindle when I noticed that Whispering Lake was listed at 5,574 out of 225,000 books listed on Kindle. In addition, it was ranked #5 out of 100 books listed under “Ghosts”…

Moonlight Protector hasn’t been on Kindle long enough for a rating apparently, but it did show me that 82% of the people who view my book purchase it. That has to be a good thing. šŸ™‚

All in all, today was a pretty exciting day as far as books go. I was pleasantly surprised. The paperbacks aren’t doing as well as I had hoped, but e-books seem to be the future. I was astounded at the number of e-books sales my titles were receiving.

If someone had asked me previously e-publisher verses regular publisher, I would have told them I was using an e-publisher as a stepping stone. Now I’ve changed my tune! Yes, it’s nice to have the paperback option for those fans who prefer to have the book in hand so to speak, but I sell way more e-books than paperbacks each month. With the various e-reading devices available, people are now able to read e-books where ever they go. I think e-books are definitely the way to go right now.