Blogging with Tamela Quijas!

Tamela’s latest release, Dante’s Lady, is published by Hearts on Fire Books.  It has received rave reviews thus far and I’m sure we will see many more in the future! 🙂  I’m happy that Tamela could join me today.

Now, on with the show!  It’s time for me to stop hogging the spotlight and give the reins over to Tamela.


From Tamela Quijas, Author

In 1840 England, the death of the Earl of Ravensmoor weighs heavily on the entire household. Many regrets flash vividly through the dying man’s mind, but none as painful as the lost love of his life. In his youth, he had fallen in love with a maid in his mother’s employ but, due to his station in life, he had been unable to follow the true direction of his heart. With a heavy heart and his dying breath, he extracts a sacred vow from his grandson and every last one of his yet unborn male heirs.

Somewhere, somehow, in some time, his beloved Kaitlyn’s soul must be found.

Nearly two centuries later, Leslie Dante Jonathan Burroughs, the last Earl of Ravensmoor and owner of BAI, LTD, continues his ancestor’s quest. One trusted relative from each descendant was given the task of finding Kaitlyn’s soul, or the embodiment of the love that had been so cherished. Dante is the last and the search must be completed and the dreams of his ever elusive siren’s soul will torment him until the end of time. Aided only with the story passed down by word of mouth and a beautiful portrait, Dante continues his quest for the woman that has become such an integral part of his life.

When Dante travels from England to Phoenix, Arizona, he is in for the shock of his life. Working in one of his warehouses is the spitting image of Kaitlyn. From her beautiful green eyes to her luscious lips, Dante knows he must find some way to get her to England, to return her to his estates and into his arms. As he finds himself lost in her eyes, he understands the full force of the love that had been granted to his ancestor and craves the same for himself.


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