Guest Blog Request

Before submitting a request, please read this page in its entirety.

If you’re an author of adult romance (any pairing, heat level, or sub-genre), you can message me to request guest blog space. I host new releases all the time, but never on a Friday through Sunday as those days are already reserved. I schedule posts as I receive them. You can request a particular date, but if I can’t hit that exact day then I’ll schedule you as close to it as possible.

Requests may be submitted each Sunday or Monday during the months of February through October. If you have a Christmas book and would like a guest post, you may contact me between November 1st and December 10th. Please do not send requests any other days or they’ll get lost in my inbox.

Send your request to with GUEST BLOG REQUEST in the subject line. Again, I only accept adult romances. Do not send a request for a YA or middle grades book, or any non-romance books. I don’t have the audience for them. It doesn’t matter if your book is self-published, with a publisher, or in Kindle Unlimited. I’ll accept them all. If you send me a book description or excerpt that is full of errors and was clearly not edited, I will send it back to you and deny your request.

Please include the title of your book, romance genre, heat level, and short description in the email. If you’d like a particular date or have a preferred range of dates, please let me know that as well. Do not make your request unless you already have purchase/preorder links available. When I request your materials, you’ll need to have everything ready.

What do I include in guest posts? The book description, purchase links, up to 500 words (PG13 heat level) excerpt, an about the author section, and author links if provided. If you send me a sex scene for your excerpt, I won’t include it with your guest post as my blog is not flagged as adult content. You may send up to 3 graphics (cover included in the limit of 3 items). If you have a WordPress HTML file for your post, that would be amazing and in that case, you may use as many images as you’d like since I won’t be hosting them. If providing HTML, please be advised my template uses really small headings if you use the heading tag. Even an h2 tag will produce a heading that is smaller than your paragraph text.

And last but not least, do not submit your materials by pasting your post directly into the email. If you do that, I won’t be putting your post up on my blog. Send it as an attached Word file (I can accept rtf, doc, and docx). If you don’t have WordPress HTML, that’s okay. Just put the text and links into the Word file. No pictures in Word! Those should be attached separately as png or jpg files.

When sending your media kit, in the body of the email remind me which date you were requesting, and if you have Twitter please include your Twitter ID (EX: @kitcatjms), and any hashtags you feel will be appropriate for your book. All of my blog posts auto post to my Twitter account and I will tag you if you provide the requested Twitter information to me. I don’t have time to track you down over there, and then hope I’ve found the correct person. Any posts received without that information will not receive a tag on Twitter.