BOOK REVIEW: Of Goblins and Gold (Of Goblin Kings #1) by Emma Hamm #Fantasy #bookreview

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To save her sister, she must beat a goblin at his own game…
Freya knows the sound of goblin bells. She knows to move to the side of the road and let them pass. Never buy any of their wares. And above all else, never make a deal with the monstrous beasts.

But when her sister takes a necklace and is kidnapped, Freya knows there is no other choice. She must journey to the realm of the fae where the Goblin King himself has stolen her sister. Once there, she must perform four tasks to save the only family she has left.

The Goblin King won’t make this easy, however. He always seems one step ahead of her. To defeat him, she’ll have to put everything on the line.

Even her heart.

Fan of Sarah J. Maas and Ursula K. Le Guin will be left guessing at every turn!


5 stars!

It has fantasy, adventure, a bit of romance, and magic…

When Freya set off to save her sister from the goblins, she never counted on entering a game of sorts with the Goblin King. Determined to free Esther from his evil clutches, she meets each challenge — with a little help from a goblin named Arrow and even the Goblin King himself.

It’s clear from a reader’s standpoint the Goblin King is falling for Freya, even though she’s determined he’s the villain of her story. It never occurred to her that perhaps being in the land of the fae was exactly where she belonged. She fights him at every turn, determined to best him, but the end gives us a surprising twist…

Definitely a new favorite series!

*Disclaimer: The review above is only my opinion. The author did not request a review. I purchased/borrowed through Amazon.

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